Thursday, 2 August 2012

Pulseras Trenza Doble

 I learned a new weave the other day from youtube.. She is a Spanish crafter.. "craftingeek" is her name just in case you want to check her out.

She named the weave "Trenza Doble", I have no idea what's Trenza was so i checked google for translation. Trenza simply braid or plait in english. So maybe in English we can call it 

"Doble Braid or Plait"

Thats cool! :)
It's very easy thing to do.. Don't require advance knowledge in knot tying to learn and do this :)

I used silk cord for this bracelet. Maybe some other time I'll try it with paracord.

Paracord Heavy Duty Dog Leash

 This project made us busy this past few weeks..

A paracord dog leash design for heavy usage.

Comes with stainless steel Panic Snap Hook.

This heavy duty paracord dog leash was made by Paracord Malaysia exclusively for PARACORD AUSTRALIA!