Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bushman's Thong

This was sent by one of our customer who just recently ordered paracord from us. He use the paracord to make "BUSHMAN'S THONG". 

He said that, in senior scouts, they have to tie it on their own bushman's thong before they can be awarded the King's Scout.

Basically if you see any youngster wearing this cord together with a king's scout badge, then that means he is a tested and certified king's scout with a certificate issued by national hq and signed by all the sultans and rajas in malaysia. If you see an adult wearing this cord, that means he is the warranted, trained and certified assessor for king's scouts.

Great! :)


  1. Hi there I can confirm that the comments regarding the Senior Scout having to tie their own Bushman's Thong as the final act in the test. The Bushman's Thong is a step toward achieving the Chief Scouts Award. I am a Chief Scout from South Africa, (now in New Zealand) and I was one of only a handfull of Chief Scouts. (We had to tie ours using leather thongs.) The Chief Scout is the equivalent of an Eagle scout in America & a Queen's scout in England. It was many years ago now, but just seeing it again brings back some very proud & fond memories.

    1. Hi Anonymous Chief Scout from SA. I am in SA and have been a scout for 14 years, I have had a break of about 5 years and would like to carry on with scouting. My problem is that I have had difficulties in a way that I could not even get my Springbok award. Can you please help me with any information. my email address is